Mission & History

Our mission is simple--assist in whatever way possible to establish Ogallala Public School as one of the premier schools in the state of Nebraska. We want to make our school a better place by supporting all educational programs within our district, Pre-Kindergarten through graduation.  

To accomplish this mission our primary goal is to establish an endowment that will financially support Ogallala Public Schools for years to come.  Our second goal is to provide yearly grants to classroom teachers for new, innovative, and creative programs. The final goal is to use financial resources to assist individual students with the needs of everyday school requirements with the Prepared to Learn Initiative.

Whether it is the classroom, curricular, athletic, Fine Art, or other school-related programs, we want to provide the best for students of Ogallala Public Schools. 

We became a 501c3 Foundation in 2014. Since we were founded to enhance the educational experience of the students and educators of Ogallala Public School financial support is always needed. Our goals to financially support programs that nurture the academic, social, emotional, and physical development of the students beyond the budget constraints of a tax-funded school district are the priority. We encourage the current residents of Ogallala, as well as former students and teachers, to offer their time, talent, and treasure to accomplish this mission. We will continue to grow with the help of our donors and volunteers.