OHS Graduation Requirements

For the Class of 2021,2022,2023, &2024


General Requirements

The total number of credit hours required for graduation will be 260 semester hours. Successful completion of one semester is worth five semester hours (unless otherwise specified.). All students must be enrolled in school for the entire say and must be registered for eight classes.


Subject Requirements

The minimum number of semester hours of credits to be earned during grades nine through twelve for graduation will be 260. The subject area requirements are as follows:

LANGUAGE ARTS = 40 CREDITS. Must include English 9, 10, and 11.

SPEECH = 5 CREDITS. Must include 5 credits in Speech during 9th grade.

MATHEMATICS = 30 CREDITS. Must include 10 credits in 9th, 10th, and 11th grade. 

SCIENCE = 30 CREDITS. Must include 10 credits in 9th grade. 

SOCIAL STUDIES = 35 CREDITS. Must include 10 credits each in American History and American Government. 



PHYSICAL EDUCATION = 10 CREDITS. Must include 5 credits in Health/PE during 9th grade and an additional 5 credits during grades 09-12. 

FINE ARTS = 5 CREDITS. Must include 5 credits from Art, Music, or Drama.

CAREER EDUCATION = 5 CREDITS. Must include at least 5 credits from Communication & Information System, Skilled & Technical Science, Health Science, Human Sciences & Education, Business, Marketing & Management, and Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources.

REMAINDER = 90 CREDITS. These include any courses offered and/or approved by the School District Administration including those contained in the required areas above.


TRANSFER STUDENTS: Generally transfer students are required to meet the same requirements as all other students.

SPECIAL NEEDS: Students in the program will have options including college preparatory, vocational/technical, and general course of studies, and worksite or job shadow programs. Modifications to the stated graduation requirements may be altered according to the student's individual educational plan.