Alternative Education Program

The Alternative Education Program is a program for High School students and has been very successful within the District.   One of the main goals within this program is to help students work to their full potential and reach the graduation requirements that they would normally reach in the regular education setting.  The students in this classroom work off of a curriculum which is structured for each individual student to work at their own pace while completing up to 6 lessons on a daily bases.

Within the last few years there have been many success stories coming out of this program.  Graduation rates have been very high for students in this environment.  We are very proud to have a program like this within the Ogallala Public School system.



  1. Increase high school graduation rates by providing alternative ways for students to earn a high school diploma.

  2. Certify that, upon completion of courses, our students will have reached or surpassed the district and state performance standards.

  3. Provide a caring, diversified learning environment where students will develop positive self-concepts, increase their self-esteem and understand the correlation between education and success in the work place.

  4. Provide opportunities for community involvement and work experience.

  5. Provide a safe disciplined, positive learning environment.

  6. Provide students with opportunities to improve their life/social skills, which will enable them to succeed in a traditional society.


  1. Computer based curriculum covering the same core academic subjects as those offered in the traditional setting.

  2. Self-paced instruction including frequent feedback and evaluation.

  3. Actual on the job training when possible or appropriate.

  4. A career oriented program that offers instruction in Math, Science, English, and History.

  5. Students may attend vocational classes if they choose.