2018 Grants

Four grants were awarded on May 16, 2018 totaling $3700.

A $1000 grant to assist in purchasing a Digital camera for the Prairie View Middle School Art Department was awarded. The camera will be used by staff as well as students to produce high quality pictures for classroom projects, websites, and Facebook.

Leading Learners to the Library submitted by Heather Orth received $1200 to complement district funding to complete a graphic novel series of books for the Prairie View Library.

With BlendedEd classrooms the newest innovation to engage students, Brandi Edmond received a $1000 grant that will provide necessary materials to infuse the BlendedED into her classroom.

Ms. Larissa Hastings received $500 to develop a Food Service and Catering program that will be a part of the Family Consumer Science curriculum. The District will also fund a portion of the program.