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Why do teachers and staff love working for Ogallala Public Schools?

In Ogallala, we pride ourselves in being a family first environment! We encourage all staff to make sure their first priority is their own family. We always want staff to know that they cannot be their best at school unless they are right at home! We do this by:

Family First Environment

  • Making sure there is coverage for staff to attend their family’s activities

  • Encouraging staff to prioritize their health and their family’s health above all else

  • Reassuring staff that it is okay to bring their children to school if they have a meeting and cannot find any supervision. We got your back! 

  • Taking staff feedback seriously. At Ogallala, we listen and put into action staff feedback. We want all staff to have the resources they need in order to be successful for our students!

  • We offer 30 combined individual and family sick days a year for certified staff members that have put in over 5 years of service. 

A System of Excellence

At Ogallala Public Schools, we try to eliminate “pockets of excellence” and strive for “systems of excellence”. This means that once we hire staff, they join an amazing system designed to set the teacher up for success! We don’t want your child’s education to hinge on to which teacher they were assigned. We spend extensive time in selecting the right people that fit our vision and culture to give students the best opportunity to learn and grow!

Why should my child be educated at Ogallala Public Schools?

In Ogallala, we invest in our most precious resources, our staff and students!!! We know that the best way to “move the needle” in education is best done by adults who care deeply about their students. When your child enters through the doors at Ogallala Public Schools we make sure their learning environment experiences the following:

  1. SAFETY: We know that the safety of your child is your first and primary concern. Our staff is highly trained to make sure we proactively stop problems before they start. We do this in the following ways:

    1. Secure Facilities: In Ogallala, we have a buzz in standard for every building so no one is allowed into the building unless we vet them first.

    2. BE RULES: All students are trained on how to effectively be responsible, respectful and safe.

    3. Social Media Awareness: Students are trained multiple times a year on the importance of digital safety.

    4. Bullying: At Ogallala Public Schools, we have a zero tolerance for bullying. Our students go through a series of training with our school counselors on the difference between bullying and being mean, how to stand up for yourselves, and how to report.

    5. Cleanliness: At Ogallala Public Schools, we take pride in the cleanliness of our district. Our custodial staff are diligent about cleaning, disinfecting, and proactively helping students avoid sickness. 

    6. Counseling Services: Our district employs three school counselors that are always available to students, teachers and parents to help them with their experience in school. Our counselors are highly qualified to help students & their families in any situation.

    7. Social Worker: Our district employs our very own social worker to help bridge the connection between home and school. We strive to work well with families in helping them get the resources they need to thrive in our community!

  2. FUN: We know that in order to grow and be successful in school, our students and staff need to ENJOY coming to school everyday! We do this in the following ways:

    1. OPSD is a PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports School). This is an evidence-based three-tiered framework to improve the outcomes that affect a child’s day. For more information on our PBIS protocols, please click HERE for more information. 

    2. Our staff loves KIDS! Through our hiring process, the first criteria to join our team is that our entire staff need to love kids. We train staff on the importance of having fun with students! How we talk & behave around students sets the “fun” environment up for students and we take that very seriously!

    3. At Ogallala, we pride ourselves in being a progressive district. Gone are the days of complete silence, straight rows, and fear of questions. We encourage our students to ask WHY, engage, create, and implement their interest into their school days!

  3. QUALIFIED: Our staff at Ogallala is well trained to take on the monumental task of giving your child an education. Over 60% of our teachers have their Master’s degree and beyond. 

  4. OFFERINGS: In Ogallala, we offer many pathways to prepare our students to be “college and career ready”. Below are just a few of the highlights of our district:

    1. Excellent trade classes offered: construction, welding, auto, & design!

    2. Internship Opportunities for students to be prepared for the workplace!

    3. Ag/FFA course offerings for those interested in Agriculture!

    4. Financial Literacy class which teaches students how to effectively use and manage their money.