Parents, Staff, Students, and Community,

Congratulations to the Ogallala Boys Basketball team and good luck at the State Tournament!

Our planned spring break has students and staff scheduled for no school on Thursday & Friday (March 10th & 11th). Ogallala Public Schools will extend the spring break with no school Tuesday-Friday (March 8th - 11th) to accommodate the amount of requests from staff and students to attend the state basketball tournament.

As superintendent, I want to communicate the thought process of the school board and school administration when making this decision.

We believe the educational experience reaches beyond the classroom, and in order to provide a complete learning experience, the school must take advantage of a variety of opportunities. These out-of-classroom activities allow students to build things like camaraderie, confidence, relationships, global views, and memorable experiences in general.

Another question we get at times is “Why not dismiss for other activities such as state wrestling, state cross country, or state track?” It is simply a numbers issue. With an exclusively team competition such as volleyball, football, and basketball we have the most students participating and spectators attending. We also have band, cheer, and dance invited to perform at these activities. With the number of students and staff attending, it makes it difficult to have a productive school day. We do our best to support all activities & we do encourage students to attend these functions. The School Board and I recognize that we can’t make everyone happy when it comes to these decisions.

Aside from these important community-building examples, there are significant logistical issues that the administrative team has to consider. Among these considerations are accommodating the requests of teachers and staff who desire to attend the events, with a limited number of substitutes available, often for the same reason. In addition, the administration anticipates that a high number of students would be absent, making the school day disrupted.

There will be no Kids Oasis during the break from March 8th-11th.

Thank you all for the support you give Ogallala Public Schools! Travel safe and have an amazing experience!