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Prairie View Staff




Steve Bristol Principal stevebristol@opsd.org
Traci Rezac Principal tracirezac@opsd.org
Jeff Schlichtemeier Dean of Students/Assistant Principal jeffschlichtemeier@opsd.org
Kay Anderson Secretary kayanderson@opsd.org
Janet Kipple Secretary janetkipple@opsd.org
Jennie Coggins School Counselor jenniecoggins@opsd.org
Rose Holechek School Counselor roseholechek@opsd.org
Nancy Armstrong K-8 School Librarian nancyarmstrong@opsd.org
John Alves History (7/8) johnalves@opsd.org
Sheri Bryant Social Studies (6/7) sheribryant@opsd.org
Loree Cain ELL/Exploratory Classes (6-8) loreecain@opsd.org
Danel Catlin PE/Health (6/7) danelcatlin@opsd.org
Cathy Combs-Halligan Science (6/7) cathycombshalligan@opsd.org
McLain Wunschel Reading (6/7) mclainwunschel@opsd.org
Richard Evans PE/Health (7/8) richardevans@opsd.org
Denise Shoults MS Art deniseshoults@opsd.org
Whitney Bottom Language Arts  whitneybottom@opsd.org
Stacey Headley SPED (6-8) staceyheadley@opsd.org
Jana Lanka English (6/7) janalanka@opsd.org
Chris Mestl Math (7/8) chrismestl@opsd.org
Mindy Schulz Science (7/8) mindyschulz@opsd.org
Lisa Streff Reading (6/7) lisastreff@opsd.org
Nichole Van Winkle English (7/8) nicholevanwinkle@opsd.org
Zach White Math (6/7) zachwhite@opsd.org
Larissa Hastings FCS-Exploratory (6-8) larissahastings@opsd.org
Mike Schlake Band (6-8) mikeschlake@opsd.org
Trevor Cochrane Choir (6-8) trevorcochrane@opsd.org
Chris McNeff Paraeducator chrismcneff@opsd.org
Tara Sjuts Kindergarten tarasjuts@opsd.org
Sarah Loeffler Kindergarten sarahloeffler@opsd.org
Keri Sutherland Kindergarten kerisutherland@opsd.org
Jenny Hesser 1st Grade jennyhesser@opsd.org
Rachel Max 1st Grade rachelmax@opsd.org
Tammy Wach 1st Grade tammywach@opsd.org
Andy Gillen PE/SPED andygillen@opsd.org
Amanda Boyle SPED amandaboyle@opsd.org
Melissa Veith SPED melissaveith@opsd.org
Mindy Heilman 2nd Grade mindyheilman@opsd.org
Michael Coolidge 2nd Grade michaelcoolidge@opsd.org
Pam McBride 2nd Grade pammcbride@opsd.org
Megan McGill 3rd Grade meganmcgill@opsd.org
Melinda Nielsen 3rd Grade melindanielsen@opsd.org
Julie Laflan 3rd Grade julielaflan@opsd.org
Sue England 4th Grade sueengland@opsd.org
Nicole Babutzke 4th Grade nicolebabutzke@opsd.org
Jill Saults 4th Grade jillsaults@opsd.org
Janean Tschetter 5th Grade janeantschetter@opsd.org
Patty Auwerda 5th Grade pattyauwerda@opsd.org
BreAhnna McConnell 5th Grade breahnnamcconnell@opsd.org
Robert Evans K-5 PE/Health  7th PE/Health   robertevans@opsd.org
Jody Ziola K-5 Choir jodyziola@opsd.org
Sharon Kramer SPED (3-5) sharonkramer@opsd.org
Susan Quick SPED (3-5) susanquick@opsd.org
Cheri Maupin SPED cherimaupin@opsd.org
Jill Max SAC jillmax@opsd.org
Brandi Helmer Title brandihelmer@opsd.org
Jenny Hesser Title/ELL jennyhesser@opsd.org
Heather Orth Title heatherorth@opsd.org
Elizabeth (Betsy) Theiler Title betsytheiler@opsd.org
Michelle Kimberly-Rhoades Early Childhood Teacher michellekimberlyrhoades@opsd.org
Kristen DeWaard Pre School Teacher kristendewaard@opsd.org
Pam Handy Paraeducator pamhandy@opsd.org
Gladys Einspahr Paraeducator/ELL gladyseinspahr@opsd.org
Kathy Bailey Progress Monitor kathybailey@opsd.org
Nichole Doherty Paraeducator nicholedoherty@opsd.org
Mary Faesser Paraeducator maryfaesser@opsd.org
Jared Austin Paraeducator jaredaustin@opsd.org
Connie Frosh Paraeducator conniefrosh@opsd.org
Carrie Keith Paraeducator carriekeith@opsd.org
Cara Pickering Paraeducator carapickering@opsd.org
Neva Garcia-Rivas Paraeducator nevagarciarivas@opsd.org
Kacee Smith Paraeducator kaceesmith@opsd.org
Ann Beekan Paraeducator annbeekan@opsd.org
Sharon Keifer-York Paraeducator sharonyork@opsd.org
Martin Rivas Paraeducator martinrivas@opsd.org
Cheri Maupin Self-Contained SPED cherimaupin@opsd.org
Roberta Sauer Paraeducator robertasauer@opsd.org
Joe Peters Paraeducator/Bus joepeters@opsd.org
Carlene Larington Kids Oasis Program Director carlenelarington@opsd.org
Corie Root-Graves Paraeducator corierootgraves@opsd.org
Kayla LeGrande Paraeducator kaylalegrande@opsd.org
Vickie Malone Paraeducator vickiemalone@opsd.org
Danielle Merill Paraeducator daniellemerill@opsd.org
Kim Dobson Custodian kimdobson@opsd.org
Donna Real Custodian  
Michelle Ward Custodian michelleward@opsd.org
Stan Roberts Custodian stanroberts@opsd.org


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