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Fulton Moves Over to OHS

Fulton Moves Over To OHS From Prairie View

By Lucas Thompson


Ogallala High School would like to welcome Miss Emma Fulton to be our new Art teacher. Senior Lucas Thompson recently sat down with Miss Fulton to interview her about her transfer from the middle school at Prairie View to OHS.


Q: What made you want to become a teacher?  Why did you choose to teach art rather than something like reading or science?


A: “I have always enjoyed working with children. However, I didn’t plan on going into education. I actually went to college wanting to be a graphic designer. After the first year, I decided that wasn’t for me. I knew I still wanted to do something with art, so I decided to combine my interest in helping others and still getting to work with art everyday. Best decision I’ve made!”


Q: What do you like most about teaching art?  Is there a particular aspect or medium of your field that you particularly love?  Is there a particular aspect or medium of your field that you particularly dislike?


A: “The thing I enjoy the most about teaching art is getting to watch students put a lot of time and effort into something that they are really proud of. I also enjoy watching student’s confidence grow as they try new mediums or techniques and realize it is something they can succeed in.

     I have alway loved to draw and paint (mostly acrylic), but there really isn’t a medium I don’t like working with.”


Q: You came to us from the middle school.  What is it like working with the older students in comparison to the middle grades?  Are there projects you can do with the high school students that you couldn’t do with the middle grades?


A: “So far the students seem to be more engaged while working on projects and assignments. This just comes with working with an older age group. Also, the majority of students I have here at the high school really enjoy art, and it is a passion of theirs. Therefore, they are willing to put more time and effort into each project.

   The projects that I plan to do here at the high school are more advanced compared to projects we did at the middle school. Simply because of level of experience and time available to work on them.


Q: Did you teach anywhere else before you came to OPSD?


A: “No, the middle school here at OPSD was my first job out of college.”


Q: Do you have any advice for students who may be planning on going to college to be a teacher?  How about for those going to study art?


A: “If you are going to college to be a teacher, get into the classroom as soon as possible. Even if it’s just to observe. The more knowledge and techniques you have before you student teach the better!

    For those who are wanting to study art, just know that studio classes take a lot of time and effort, but don’t give up. It really does push you to become a better artist, and you will gain so much from your instructors.

    As you can see, Miss Fulton is going to make a fantastic addition to the OHS family and has already made a terrific impression on her students.

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